Hearing the stories and testimony from real people who have worked with Mission City Travel is one of the main reasons we do what we do, and why we will continue to work with families, churches and groups to create simple, unforgettable and life Giving mission experiences.  Here are some of our stories:

Churches that want to be on mission in New York City have questions such as, What missions opportunities are there? How should we travel to the city? Where will we stay? How can we serve in a place that matches our church and its needs? If these are your questions, Kevin Cabe has the answers you need. Kevin knows New York City! He has years of experience helping churches to minister effectively in the city. He will take care of every detail of your trip, from lodging, to local transportation, to ministry choices. Further, he will see to it while you are here that your trip is going well. I know no one else who does such a thorough job of helping churches minister effectively in the city.
— George Russ, Director Of Mission, Metro NY Baptist Association
I recently took a group to Toronto for a long weekend. Mission City Travel helped us with the hotel arrangements, which was a huge help to me. The reservation process was smooth as Kevin listened to my requests and found us the perfect hotel for our needs. The next time I decide to travel, Kevin will be the first person I call as I will most definitely rely upon his expertise for my future travel needs.
— Nathan Tubbs, Pastor of Cornerstone Church of Bay Ridge (Brooklyn, NY)
“We’d always planned to take our family to New York City before our three daughters headed to college. The only thing we lacked was ... a plan. Mission City Travel helped put things in action for us. From the perfect hotel on Times Square to prearranged tours and attractions (and some freebies!) we wouldn’t change anything about our trip. Not only dd Kevin hand-deliver our vouchers to the hotel, but Kristi set the mood by sending us a postcard of Times Square a few days before our trip. We now have memories that will last us a lifetime. We will consult with the Cabe’s before we plan our next adventure.”
— David Bennett, Lifeway Christian Resources
Working with Mission City Travel has been fantastic! He was prepared to listen to our needs and to work hard to find different options that would fit well for our group. We were able to customize exactly what we needed, and then he made it all happen with no hiccups or difficulties. We will definitely be using him in the future!
— Casey Joyce, Student Pastor, Fellowship Forney, Forney Texas
Life and ministry in NYC can be exhausting. Sometimes the best thing that you can do is get away and rest. Kevin Cabe know this fact. So he and Mission City travel helped me to find the perfect place to find the rest that I needed. I’m thankful for them and look forward to partnering with them in the future.
— Raleigh Sadler, Executive Director, Let My People Go