Washington DC is home to some of the most influential and powerful men and women in the world. As the capitol of the United States, this city is bustling with excitement and energy. Major decisions made here impact the world we live in today. 

6.2 million people call this place home.

A closer look into the heart of this city would also reveal the need for Jesus Christ as people are dealing with poverty, homelessness, brokenness, crime and more. There’s not a better time to plan a short-term trip here to offer hope and healing to a city in need. There are various opportunities to serve this great city. 

These opportunities include: 

  • VBS/Kids Camp

  • Service Projects

  • Flyer Distribution

  • Block Parties

  • Sports Camps

  • Prayer Walking

  • Street Evangelism

  • Serving the Vulnerable and Less Fortunate

  • Teaching English as a Second Language.