St. Thomas is the most cosmopolitan island while over 500,000 people visit St. Thomas by cruise ships every year. People are enamored by the gorgeous views and stunning beaches. 

St. John is 19 square miles of semi-arid desert island. Eighty percent of the island is a national park with about 5500 full time residents. This number will increase to around 15,000 people who live on St. John six months out of the year or more.

While people come to the US Virgin Islands for rest and relaxation, what they don’t realize is that these Islands are a second world country with a cultural mix of people who represent the world, predominately West Indian.

What can we do there on mission?

The needs in this area are evident the moment you step off the plane. While driving through the town you’ll see poverty and you’ll see the most amazing beaches and sites you have ever seen. Your breath will be taken away by the beauty of the islands, but your heart will be gripped by the people that call this place home. Here is a sample of the things you may do in the USVI:

  • Kids Camp

  • Sports Clinics

  • Beach evangelism

  • Prayer Walking

  • Construction

  • Service Projects